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Limousin beef cows

Limousin Beef

Limousin is famous for its cattle.  The Limousin breed of cattle has won prizes for the quality of its meat throughout the World (from Paris to Chicago to Sydney). August sees the celebration of the producers of Limousin beef in St. Leonard de Noblat in the DAYS OF LIMOUSIN BEEF.

There is no shortage of good restaurants in the neighbourhood. For typically French menus try the Auberge de la Fontaine in Cheissoux or the Saint Pancras in Bujaleuf.

There are a range of restaurants in St Leonard de Noblat offering a choice from traditional French cuisine through kebabs to pizza. For more international cuisine you will need to go to Limoges where you will find everything from Chinese and Vietnamese to Japanese and vegetarian.


Cycling is very popular in this area.  Our local village of Bujaleuf was on the route of the 2016 Tour de France and there are often groups of cyclists following in the footsteps - or should I say treads - of the race.   With it's winding roads, lack of traffic and great scenery, riding around this beautiful area is a real pleasure!

Remember though, that this is hilly country not Holland so be prepared to work!

Great Cycling Routes
Motorbikes on the open road


Having been into biking ourselves for about 30 years we like to think that we know a bit about what bikers like - and we will make you very welcome! Bikes can be parked undercover in the barn - and we've plenty of polish and rags to hand if you really feel the need to spruce up the steed whilst you're here! The roads in this region are superb for bikes - and the French have a very different attitude to bikes which makes for a very pleasant experience! We can offer advice on 'best routes'.


The local rivers and lakes are great for fishing - and at last there is a temporary fishing permit available! The permit is for either 1 day (10 Euros) or for 1 week (30.00 Euros) and covers all categories of waterways (please don't ask us to try to explain the categories to you - it's REALLY complicated! We'd rather discuss the 'off-side' rule - and we have NO knowledge of football !!) Local rivers have trout (a fishing friend has pointed us in the direction of the best spots), and Lac de Saint Helene has carp, pike, and roach amongst other species!

Excellent Fishing
Local Naturist Camp with Private Beach


Not necessarily at the gites (although it is entirely up to you, of course!) but we have a local naturist camp site and we've been given permission for our guests to spend the day at the site (small daily charge applies).  Check out their website at


If you've been watching programmes like Place in the Sun, and are looking for a property in this area and would like to talk to someone who has been through it we would be more than happy to share our experience over a glass of wine.

We can also put you in touch with a number of estate agents in the area, many of whom now speak very good English! 


Tai Chi Classes
Tai Chi Sword Form
Outings for keen photographers


The owner of La Porcherie, Chris, has studied the art of Tai Chi for over 20 years and is available for classes (pre-booked only).

He is qualified to offer a number of interesting possibilities!  For a complete beginner, the short form (in the Yang style) may take too long to completely learn in a week, but there would certainly be enough time for a very good introduction to the art.  For more experienced practitioners, he is able to offer courses in the following weapons forms:- 2 sword forms, and the truly elegant fan form.  He is also available for a complete Tai Chi orientated holiday package (please email)

Charges: Hourly rate 10 Euros per person

Holiday Package - Please enquire


Chris was a professional photographer for over 12 years, running a successful business back in England.  In 1994 he won the prestigious Professional Photographer of the Year competition, having submitted pictures for each month throughout the competition.  Since then he has worked for many magazines including Super Twins, Collect it!, 100% Biker, American-V, and Antiques and Heritage Lifestyle.  In addition he was the in-house photographer for KP Foods and MacVities.

Whether you are using film or digital equipment, and whether you are a beginner or are looking to improve the quality of your results we can tailor a course to meet your needs.  Choose either mornings, afternoons or full day and the subjects you would like to cover and leave the rest to us!

Charges:- Half day 25 Euros per person  Full day 40 Euros

Mushrooming and Walks

By prior arrangement it would be possible to arrange for guided walks of the area and, at the right time of year, mushrooming expeditions.  Please enquire

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